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Millions are at stake!!

Hypothetically speaking, if Salman is sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment by the court in the 2002 hit-and-run case, the Hindi film industry is sure to suffer a major revenue loss. Almost all of Salman’s recent movies have made it to the Rs 100 crore club effortlessly.

If Salman is jailed, he will be 57 by the time he comes back and it is a known fact that age never stays on an actor’s side, no matter how famous he or she is. Ten years down the line, young actors like Ranbir Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh would have taken the baton and made a coveted place for themselves.

Even at 47, Salman is undoubtedly the most eligible bachelor of Bollywood with a bevy of beauties willing to do anything to get a mere glimpse of this absolute charmer. Along with his good looks, amazing body and a big heart, nobody can refute the fact that Salman is a brand in himself and anything associated with him is sure to become a hit among his humungous fan following.

The actor’s review petition had been rejected by a Sessions Court on June 24, 2013 and he is currently being tried for culpable homicide not amounting to murder. On the ill-starred night of September 28, 2002, Salman’s car ran into a bakery in Mumbai killing one and injuring three others.

The actor has since been on trial for the hit-and-run case for rash and negligent driving, and drunken driving.

The good looking actor – who ventured into Bollywood with ‘Biwi Ho Toh Aisi’ in 1988 – has completed almost 25 years in the film industry and has carved an unmatchable niche for himself. His movies like ‘Wanted’, ‘Dabangg’, ‘Ready’, ‘Bodyguard’, ‘Dabangg 2’ and ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ have done more business than many films combined together. In fact, ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ became the second ever Bollywood film to gross over 300 crores worldwide.

Moving on to his movies, Salman is in demand because of his image of being a mass entertainer. Producers love making films with him because his movies are meant for people of all ages, have no sexually explicit content and are complete “paisa wasool” entertainers.

Salman is in demand because of his image of being a mass entertainer. Producers love making films with him because his movies are meant for people of all ages, have no sexually explicit content and are complete “paisa wasool” entertainers.

He has movies like ‘Mental’ – which since its inception has been making headlines – ‘Kick’ and ‘No Entry Mein Entry’ lined up for release in the near future. Sooraj Barjatya – who churned out smashing hits like ‘Hum Apke Hain Kaun!’, ‘Maine Pyaar Kia’ and ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’ with Salman – recently roped him for a yet untitled family movie.

In a career spanning almost two and a half decades, Salman has worked in blockbusters like ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’, ‘Tere Naam’, ‘Wanted’, ‘Andaz Apna Apna’, ‘Maine Pyaar Kyun Kia’ and ‘Dabangg’. He has had his share of ups and downs but still managed to soar above all his problems and create a huge impact in Bollywood.

Movie Review "Nasha"





Movie Review "Nasha"


Cast: Poonam Pandey, Shivam Patil
Direction: Amit Saxena
Genre: Thriller
Duration: 1 hour 58 minutes

Rating: (2.0 / 5)  : Average


What can be expected the best from a Poonam Pandey movie? And the answer is easy enough: seduction and skin shows. Ms Pandey's Bollywood debut movie Nasha provides an overdose of everything related to the word 'sex', with no worthy performance. Nasha is an erotic thriller by the Jism director Amit Saxena, that has hit the theatres today. The film has been in the news, ever since it was conceptualised. But, we feel that Nasha is certainly not worth this hype and craze around.

Anita (Poonam) makes an entry as a summer (read: hot) activity teacher at school. In micro-minis, swaying derriere and long legs - she's the doyen of every boy's wet dream. Everytime she goes for a morning jog, the boys get off on a cardio of the carnal senses. Back to school, the activities include a play (foreplay to follow) on love and romance (as a bonus she throws in seduction too. Lucky boys!).

One of them, Saahil (Shivam) gets obsessed with his 25-something teacher, but soon the schoolboy fantasy turns into a fiery, passionate longing that abandons reason. Enter, Anita's boyfriend, Sam (Vishal Bhonsle), with his libido unleashed (they peck and pet in public, quite educational, eh!). What follows is a lot of drama (mostly out-of-bed), padded with unmoving subplots and uninspiring music.

For someone who has stepped into Bollywood, right out of a bubble bath, Poonam Pandey's performance is not 'rousing', but it's not as 'raw' as you would expect. She holds up well (no pun intended), while going shockingly stingy on skin show. Debutant Shivam doesn't suffer 'performance anxiety'; he shows vulnerability as a smitten schoolboy. Sometimes you can't tell if he's angry or aroused, but as the movie progresses he comes into his own.

Amit Saxena's erotic thriller shows more emotion than eroticism. It has some flashes and moods of his first outing 'Jism', though at a story level it falls way behind. He sexes up some moments, leaving a lot to imagination. In the second half it loses steam (even with hot action).

erformances: Sorry to disappoint all the Poonam Pandey fans out there. But, Ms Pandey's acting is pathetic in the flick. And here's a suggestion to Poonam- Please save us from your upcoming movie plans and do not waste time in taking up any acting classes. The newcomer Shivam is rather far better and confident in his role of a teenager, who is head over heel in love with an older woman. Verdict: One needs to understand that the word 'S' doesn't really work everytime for a film's success. There's something called 'ACTING' that is required too. Nasha is a big 'NO' from me. I can't help, but wonder, was the hype over this film even required?

If you're looking for something more between the sheets, this will leave you high and dry.



Movie Review " Shortcut Romeo"

Movie review: "SHORTCUT ROMEO"

Rating: 3

Directed By: Susi Ganesh
Starring: Neil Nitin Mukesh, Ameesha Patel, Puja Gupta, Rajesh Shringapure, Jatin Grewal, Errol Peter Marks, Meherzan Mazda, Vrajesh Hirjee, Ashutosh Kaushik, Susi Ganesh, Anuradha Chandan, Yasodhan Bal, Bikramjeet Kanwarpal, Kavita Wadhawan, Neelima Parandekar, Mohit Saluja, Rakesh Kirit Kadakia, Sultan Siddique, Naveen Prabhakar, Mumaith Khan
Music by: Himesh Reshammiya
Cinematography by : N.K.Ekambaram
Editing by : Dilip Deo, Hardik Singh Reen
Studio : Susi Ganesh Productions
Release Date : June 21, 2013
Running time : 146 mins
Language : Hindi

Shortcut Remeo follows life of a filthy rich housewife (Ameesha Patel), having an extra-marital relationship to keep herself busy, and who will go to any lengths to hide her affair from her husband. While Neil Nitin Mukesh plays a young, ambitious and immoral man (Suraj), who even stoops to the level of blackmailing the lady to support his expensive tastes, Puja (Sherry) plays a victim caught in the crossfire.

Suraj (Neil Nitin Mukesh) is a good for nothing young man living in Goa who keeps throwing his weight around his family with his violent attitude. Depressed and frustrated with his behavior, his family packs him off to his uncle’s house in Mumbai. Once he lands in Mumbai, Suraj chances upon a couple indulging in love making and he shoots the entire episode on a video camera.

He promptly proceeds to start blackmailing the couple who are Monica (Ameesha Patel) and Ashish (Jatin Garewal). Despite Monica’s offering large sums of money for the tape, Suraj refuses to part with it. Given his endless needs and greed, he demands an assurance from Monica that she will pay for his luxurious lifestyle throughout his life. Monica succumbs to the blackmail and agrees to this option as she has no choice. Suraj soon leaves for his holiday in Kenya and as days pass, Monica at every stage tries to outsmart Suraj which results in a cat and mouse game between them.

During his stay in Kenya, Suraj meets Sherry (Puja Gupta), a rich but lonely girl, and falls in love with her. That’s when he begins to realize that there is so much more being planned behind his back. How does Suraj tackle his enemies and find his love and more importantly does Monica free herself from the clutches of Suraj? That’s what the rest of ‘Shortcut Romeo’ is all about.

As mentioned above, the director could have done away with the songs. Surprisingly, none of the songs composed by Himesh Reshamiyya are worth a listen. They are bad and only hamper the breezy flow of the movie. The dialogues are just about OK and so is the editing.

The screenplay of the movie is average as many scenes are misplaced. The action sequences are showcased decently and highlight Neil’s action image. Susi Ganesan’s direction is good as he makes a film with smaller stars look decently convincing. Though he has a very simple story line, he makes the film interesting with its unexpected twists and turns.

Shortcut Romeo will cut you short of some valuable hours of your life but this movie got  good twists. Give this one a try.

Movie Review " Raanjhanaa"

Movie Review " Raanjhanaa"

(3 / 5)  : Good (3 / 5) : Good

Director :  Anand L. Rai
Music: A.R. RAHMAN
Music label: EROS / SONY MUSIC
Starring : Dhanush, Sonam Kapoor, Abhay Deol, Swara Bhaskar and Urmila Sharma

If you aren't a romantic at heart then this film isn't for you and if you are then get ready to be swept off your feet as the filmmaker takes you on one of the most refreshing rides in the recent times. Raanjhanaa is nothing like the recent slew of romantic films that have been doing the rounds in the industry. It has madness of love, layers to characters as well as script and acting that will really make you sit back and notice.

Set in Benaras Raanjhanaa traces the live of a young Tam-bram Kundan (Dhanush) who sets his eyes on a well endowed Muslim girl Zoya (Sonam Kapoor) and falls hopelessly in love with her. The first half pretty much showcases his madness for her where he is willing to go all lengths to be with her. After years Zoya's heart melts even but her family gets a whiff of the young teenager's attachments with a Hindu boy and sends her packing to Aligarh.

Kundan's life all this while gets stuck in a time warp where his love for Zoya grows more than his age. He waits for his lady love to return but the one who makes a comeback is a totally different person. Zoya confesses losing her heart to a Delhi boy Akram/Jasjit (Abhay Deol). The disappointed lover makes up his mind to get the two lovers together but gets fate against him and we see him going through many twists and turns. But does his love conquer all? Watch to find out.

Filmmaker Aanand L Rai who last made the superhit Tanu Weds Manu shows Hindi cinema what good writing actually means. In a genre which constantly gets panned for being tripe and cliche, Aanand displays freshness and a script that celebrates love in its purest form.

The denouncers may reproach the writing for his main protagonist who like a love-struck puppy follows his lady love everything to the point of stalking but it's the innocence with which the director depicts these emotions is what makes for an endearing watch. However, even Aanand who hold fort for the entire first half falls prey to the curse of the second where his story slips into a predictable plot and he loses his points through the various sub-plots, that of the political backdrop, that he introduces.

But it's towards the end where the writing picks up once again and you are given a climax that leaves you cathartic. A highly unconventional end seen in a romantic film in the longest time.

Aanand L Rai's true strength comes in the casting where he scores an ace by roping in Dhanush for a part that could be played by him and him alone. It's his portrayal and the age-span that he convincingly plays showcases his caliber and re-establishes the reason why he is a superstar down South. Sonam Kapoor who has till now been criticised for her acting too displayes her talent and complements Dhanush well. Abhay Deol in little cameo too is very effective.

The review cannot be over without the mention of AR Rahman's composition which becomes an integral part of the film and is truly mesmerising.

To sum it up, Raanjhanaa despite its flaws in the story is one of the best romantic films of the recent times. A definite watch for all.

Movie review: "EK THI DAAYAN"

Rating: ***

Director :Kannan Iyer

Music : Vishal Bhardwaj  
Lyrics : Gulzar  
Starring : Emraan Hashmi, Konkona Sen Sharma, Kalki Kochlein and Huma Qureshi  

Bobo is India’s leading magician. But unknown to even his girlfriend Tamara, Bobo’s life is falling apart. His constant hallucinations leave him with no option but to seek psychiatric help. Going through regression hypnosis, a terrifying story about his childhood surfaces involving a sinister power called Daayan who has not only destroyed his family but also promised to return to haunt Bobo. He chooses to ignore it and move on with his life. Just when his career and love life is at full throttle, enters the irresistible Lisa Dutt. Bobo is convinced that she is the daayan. But is she, really? Or is he just losing his mind?

The film is more of a smartly crafted suspense thriller than the scarefest it’s purported to be. If any scares are to be had, it’s in the first half when the world of a Daayan is shown from the perspective of a child, the younger version of our protagonist ‘Bobo - The Baffler’ (Emraan Hashmi), a magician by profession, but a haunted soul in private.

Bobo has a troubled past to contend with. Despite a pretty girlfriend Tamara (Huma Qureshi) as a welcome distraction from his morbid thoughts, he’s fixated on the idea of a Daayan returning to haunt him, and his paranoia drives him to the point of seeking a shrink’s help.

Flashbacks into his childhood show him as a kid tanking in all the Daayan gyan and sharing it with his little sister whom he eventually loses to a Daayan that haunts the elevator of their building. The Daayan wows to return to see about the unfinished business. Riveting stuff all of it, presented finely in the first half of the film.

It’s in the second half that the film, like an elevator on a loose cable, begins to go down, gets stuck, slides down again and concludes with a mighty thump and descent into the typical Bollywood Bhootiyapanti about daayans recharging their evil batteries with the sacrifice of kids on lunar eclipses of leap years, and all that flipping jazz.

The entire first half, after a good 15 minutes is a flashback to Bobo's past. The second half sees Bobo on the lookout for daayan. He knows she is back for him. But how does he nail her? Every four years on February 29, a child is sacrificed so that daayan gets her batteries recharged. His sister was sacrificed then. Now, it seems to be the turn of a young boy that Bobo and Tamara want to adopt. This is the leap year and February 29 is the day when things go out of control. Bobo has to act fast and think even harder.

What keeps one hooked is the suspense around who’s the real witch. There’s Tamara (Huma Qureshi), the protagonist’s pretty GF. There’s Diana (Konkona Sen Sharma) with big eyes, long braid and a reputation to make the kids wet their bed. And there’s Lisa Dutt (Kalki Koechlin), a mysterious woman who befriends the magician and seems to have an ulterior motive. Which one is witch, is the riddle, and rest assured that director Kannan Iyer and producer-writer Vishal Bhardwaj won’t make it easy to guess.

Ek Thi Daayan soars on the performances of its leading cast. If Emraan Hashmi is right on the mark as the baffled and bewildered wizard, the ladies chip in convincing acts for their part. The first half, however, belongs to the kids, Visshesh Tiwari and Sara Arjun. Music by Vishal Bhardwaj is topnotch and so cinematography by Saurabh Goswami.

I don’t much believe in Daayans and my curiosity has never creeped past the lore of them having their feet backwards. For it’s always made me wonder trivialities like how do they go about driving a car, or peddling a piano, or pirouetting in a ballet. Trivialities, you see! Point is, I don’t scare easy. The lore of spellbinding witches with evil intentions, backward feet, long dangling arms, and a longer braid with a life of its own to turn into a noose in a second and snuff the living daylights out of someone isn’t really the stuff to give me the heebie-jeebies. At most, it intrigues and confounds me, -- precisely the effect director Kannan Iyer’s Ek Thi Daayan, written by Vishal Bhardwaj and based on a short story by Mukul Sharma, had on me.

Most of all, Ek Thi Daayan merits a watch because it doesn’t pander to the usual tropes of the horror genre, and is a film that can be enjoyed by both adults and kids. The baccha log should watch it with their parents who should beforehand tell them not to put much stock in all the Daayan lore and watch it as a fantasy tale. And just in case a kohled-eyed aunty with a long braid and pointy canines takes the seat next to any of these tots and smiles sinisterly, don’t be scared. Smile back and, if possible, bum a few pop corns from her.

Have a happy viewing.